Brain Games Studio

Wings of Fury




Beat em up

Game Summary:
Embark on a culinary battle with “Wings of Fury,” an action-packed adventure that combines beat ’em up gameplay with a dash of restaurant chaos. Fight against enemies who are hindering your restaurant dreams—each adversary representing staff members dressed as chicken-headed characters. With classic beat ’em up style gameplay, engage in epic battles using the hero’s “Wings of Fury” and a repertoire of abilities. Clear levels, unleash combo attack animations, and conquer the culinary world.

Key Features:
– Beat ’em Up Style Gameplay
– Fun Character Styles
– Great Combo Attack Animations

Target Audience:
Geared towards adults and teens who enjoy action-packed beat ’em up adventures with a culinary twist.

Genre :

Action, Adventure, Beat em up

Developer :

Brain Games Studio

Platform :

Android, IOS