Brain Games Studio

Rooster Fight



Card Battle


Game Summary:
Engage in strategic card battles with “Rooster Fight,” a captivating blend of action and strategy reminiscent of games like Hearthstone. In this online multiplayer game, assemble a deck of diverse rooster characters, each with unique abilities, and clash with opponents in thrilling card-based matches. Explore a world where factions vie for supremacy, and strategic prowess is the key to victory. With its multiplayer focus, variety of characters, and tactical depth, Rooster Fight is a compelling choice for adults seeking strategic card battles.

Key Features:
– Multiplayer Card Battle
– Strategic Gameplay
– Diverse Rooster Characters
– Unique Abilities and Factions

Target Audience:
Tailored for adults seeking strategic and action-packed card battles.

Genre :

Strategy, Card Battle, Action

Developer :

Brain Games Studio

Platform :

Android, iOS, Web