Brain Games Studio

Noticreo Run





Game Summary:
Embark on a comical adventure with “Noticreo Run,” an infinite platformer arcade game inspired by the gameplay style of Jetpack Joyride. Featuring two famous comedians and YouTubers from Columbia, this game offers exciting adventures, power-ups, missions, costumes, and unique abilities. Dive into a retro-themed world, unlock multiple cities to upgrade your headquarters, and discover the humor-infused challenges that await.

Key Features:
– Based on Youtubers/Comedian Characters
– Power-ups, Missions, Costumes, and Abilities
– Platformer style Gameplay

Target Audience:
Tailored for adults seeking comical and thrilling infinite platformer experiences.

Genre :

Casual, Platformer, Arcade

Developer :

Brain Games Studio

Platform :

Android, IOS