Brain Games Studio

Dyslexia VR Escape Game





Game Summary:

Embark on a captivating educational journey with “Dyslexia VR Escape Game,” a groundbreaking adventure designed for Oculus/Meta Quest devices. Tailored for students with dyslexia, this VR experience offers three dynamic levels, each blending educational puzzles seamlessly into the storyline. Engage in a word-spelling puzzle set in a fantasy library, navigate a dynamically changing maze with math challenges, and unravel historical picture puzzles—all accompanied by audio guidance. With VR, Oculus hand tracking, and mobile adaptations for Android and iOS, this game redefines learning for dyslexic students with each playthrough.

Key Features:

  • VR Adventure for Oculus/Meta Quest
  • Dynamic Puzzles: Word-Spelling, Math Mazes, Historical Picture Puzzles
  • Oculus Hand Tracking and Grabbing
  • Tailored for Dyslexia Students
  • Android and iOS Versions for Mobile Devices

Genre :

VR, Adventure, Educational, Puzzle

Developer :

Brain Games Studio

Platform :

Meta Quest, Android, IOS